zondag 2 januari 2011

Once you go black, you'll never go back..

It's 4:31 a.m and i can't sleep.. in about two and half hours i need to get up for my internship appointment.
But allright, today i went with my fam. to the World Christmas Circus at CarrĂ© in Amsterdam. It was pretty awesome!
So this is what i wore: Basic shirt (H&M) - Maxi skirt (H&M) - Wedges (River Island)

vrijdag 31 december 2010

Hey guys! I want to wish you a beautiful new year!
I hope that in this new year you can buy more shoes, clothes and accessoires, find the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, win the lottery, be healthy, get good grades at school and have more fun with friends!

Where are you celebrating NYE? Are you guys gonna party hard?!
I actually decided i'm going to a friend of mine, but I dont know what to wear!?
So... give me some tips or tell me what you're going to wear! :)

zaterdag 25 december 2010

So fake, it's almost real..

(Vintage fur coat - H&M dress - House of Holland tights - ASOS heels)

I actually have this coat for a while, but never posted an article about it..
It's fake fur, and i bought it at Waterlooplein (Amsterdam). There are so many fur coats over there, from fake fur to real fur.. I decided to buy a fake one because i'm afraid that people will come after me!
So when you're in Amsterdam visit Waterlooplein! There are many other things, like beautiful bags and many kinds of Dr. Martens.

I want to wish everybody a wonderful Christmas :)

woensdag 22 december 2010


So, please tell me, who doesn't love music? Music is somthing like eating, sleeping and moving. 
Some people will know Jamiroquai, some people don't, but I want to let you hear some music he made.
Music means a lot to me, just like fashion. Music can make you feel down and music can make you feel up.
Just click play and listen   :)


'Virtual Insanity'

'Hey Floyd'

'(Don't) give hate a chance'

'Never gonna be another you'