vrijdag 31 december 2010

Hey guys! I want to wish you a beautiful new year!
I hope that in this new year you can buy more shoes, clothes and accessoires, find the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, win the lottery, be healthy, get good grades at school and have more fun with friends!

Where are you celebrating NYE? Are you guys gonna party hard?!
I actually decided i'm going to a friend of mine, but I dont know what to wear!?
So... give me some tips or tell me what you're going to wear! :)

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Aniek zei



Jan zei

Haha nou je zou beter kunnen zeggen 'hoe klein ben je',
ik ben namelijk maar 1,56 EN EEN HALF.
Die half moet er dan wel bij natuurlijk ;)
Hm mijn ouders zijn allebei groter, begrijp echt niet hoe dat kan -.-

Folhetim Cultural zei

Olá neste sábado em meu blog minha coluna poética, uma homenagem ao grupo Roupa Nova e Bruno Martins no chá das 5. Conto com sua visitá lá.


Magno Oliveira
Folhetim Cultural