zondag 17 oktober 2010

Dear Nikon, i love you..

Finally!.. I got my SLR camera. I actually went to the store to buy the Canon EOS 1000D but the salesman said that the Nikon D3000 were much better. Well i doubt it because i heard so much stories about the 'good' Canon. But i listen to the salesman and i buyed a Nikon. Damn she makes fine pictures! So from now on i can post beautiful outfit pic's!

I mean.. Come on, isn't she beautiful?

3 opmerkingen:


CANON SO MUCH BETTER! haha nee deze zal ook prima zijn ;)

helena zei

Oeh. I like (:

denise zei

ik heb wel de 1OOOd,
hoop dat deze je bevalt!