vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Polaroids in Amsterdam

Yesterday i went to amsterdam with a friend/class mate Puck. It was so much fun because we didn't went to the regular streets, Nieuwendijk & Kalverstraat, but we went thrift shopping in the well-known 9 streets.
We shopped at stores like Zipper, Joosje, Episode and Bij Ons. I will show you pic's of things that i buyed but not in this post. :)
The polaroid picture below were made in the H&M, there was a DJ who was actually really good and a women that tooks polaroid pictures of people.
You can't see what i'm wearing but pictures, we made with Puck his good camera, will come later!

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Jessica zei

i visited puck's blog and now stumble upon ur blog!
love it!


carling zei

great blog!

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