maandag 1 november 2010

Dirty platform

Puck and I went outside to make some pictures, I want to show you guys my favorite blazer!
I bought it at Cheap Fashion. I actually went to Cheap Fashion last friday but they were bussy with putting new stuff in the store, so im planning to go upcoming friday.
The pictures are not really sharp because it was getting dark..

20 opmerkingen:

allison kampen zei

cute blazer!

Loes zei

wooow je blazer! <3

Kiki zei

waaaaaaaauw je ziet er geweldig uit

Bonnie zei

lovelovelovelovelove the blazer!!!
Thank you for your sweet comment.

Anoniem zei


helena zei

Wauw super mega über (en alle andere positieve bijvoegelijke naamworden) leuke blazer!
Ik wil ook ns bij Cheap Fashion kijken :( Hoor er echt zoveel leuke dingen over..

christina zei

The blazer is amazing! Really kewl. Really retro. Love it xxx

pancakeSTACKER zei

Thanks for stopping by! What a colorful blazer! I can see why it's your favorite :)

Hope you'll stop by again soon!

MT Days & Nights zei

such a fun outfit!

ANewPairOfVintageBoots zei

leuke schoenen

Nikita zei

Woww, love this blazer!!


Jan zei

Leuke foto's!

Ola zei

Vans are so classic. i love them!

Anoniem zei

I love yoru blazer, it is so cute and the color is awesome

Sophia (my visual illusions) zei

woww that blazer is really cool!!

SucceedingatFailing zei

Puck as in oneofpoints? if so thats pretty cool that you know another blogger in person! Love the blazer by they way! :)

Marit&Anne zei

Je blazer is echt geweldig!

Diddy zei

ahhh liefde voor jou blazer! echt heel dope

Béracha zei

wat een geweldige blazer!

Béracha zei

wat een geweldige blazer!