donderdag 4 november 2010

Can't stop, won't stop.

Hi guys! So today i went to Amsterdam with a classmate, we both had an ambition. We have an internship in February. But allright, i made some pictures for my portfolio. The skirts are made by me. I made two more
and i'll maby post them later. I also made one for my mom, who's now gone for two months..
It's not really good but it's a start, right!?

7 opmerkingen:

saamielola zei

An internship? Wat voor stage ga je doen?
Leuke nagellak!

Kiki zei

Leuk die zelfgemaakte rokken! xxxx

Wunmi W-A zei

pretty pretty.. I love the hair do. Ive done that a couple of times, and i just looked weird. lol
and I love the skirt and boots

hopefully you can visit mine and follow soon.

helena zei

Ik hou echt van die eerste rok haha.

SucceedingatFailing zei

wow your so talented, i love the first skirt its amazing! Congratulations on your internship, at 16 thats seriously impressive!!

Marit&Anne zei

Die eerste rok is echt mooi! <3

Loes zei

de eerste rok is echt mooi! netjes gedaan!