donderdag 16 december 2010

Feeling like a leopard

At the River Island Press party we've all got a voucher! And I mean come on... who can say no to that?
I had my eyes on these amazing wedges for a while.. but look! Here i am.. wearing them! They actually walk pretty good!
Couple weeks ago I ordered heels from ASOS but they dont walk as confortable as these beauties..
It's kind of an advanture to combinate the shoes with clothes and people do stare at you when you're wearing these beauties.. I don't care, I like it when people stare at me when i'm wearing crazy clothes :)

14 opmerkingen:

Tugce zei

Superleuk outfit!! like the wedges!

VicissitudiniLombarde zei

Thanks Claudia for your lovely comment ^_^
You shoes are great! I'm following you ;)

Gabrielle Lauren zei

Love the outfit.

Anoniem zei

So cool!

Anouk Océanne zei

love the shoes!
i am now following you :)

hope that you will keep blogging! It looks good! :)

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helena zei

Gaaaaf clau!
Fijn dat je weer blogt hihi

Nerdic.. zei

Love itttt!!

Anoniem zei

Mooi mooi mooi! Je outfit ermee is super, extra opvallend die shoes zo! xx

Marloes. zei

Your wedges are cool!!

minnja zei

I love that post :)))))))



Wat een heerlijke schoenen! Ik volg je^^

Kim zei

Hele leuke keus !! Ik ben naar Antwerpen geweest en heb de blauwe gekozen ! Vind de schoenen collectie van River Island zo mooi! Je zag er ook mooi uit op de foto's van RI

Caramelle zei

ohohohohoh! Die schoenen zijn geweldig -hearteyes-

Laurita P zei

love the shoes and all the black. gorgeous!